22 Jan

I’m single, and as far as I remember, I have been most of my life.
Thing is, I always fall for the wrong person. No surprise, we all do. But that just gave me a null willness to fall once more.
Right now, the worst thing I could do would be falling in love – and I suspect that’s precisely what is happening to me. Once again, for the wrong person, the one guy I should never even have looked at like that in the first place.
I’d ruin everything, I know I would. He’s been a good friend and doesn’t deserve that. Please, someone make it stop. Not him.

6 Dec

I wonder what am I in the middle of all this.
Sometimes it feels like I live in a parallel universe, just looking at the world between the lines, observing people living while I freeze them in time, while I stand still while people rotate 360 degrees, while they grow, they go in and out of relationships, graduate. I do things too, but my actions just pass by me. It’s as if I’m not moving, I can only hear this loud breathing coming from inside me while the sounds around come out as muffled.
Maybe I’m so boring that nothing relevant ever happens to me. I’m invisible most of the time – and perhaps I even like it, but too often, it gets old.

26 Nov

A good book is the only comfort now. All the rest is cold and lonely.

22 Nov

As of yesterday, I’m an old lady with few accomplishments and a promising future with cats.

18 Nov

Hopefully today, at about 9.30 pm, I’ll be watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

12 Nov

I look around and everybody has somebody. Everybody but me.

10 Nov

Why am I starting to feel demoralised?